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What do we want to do?

"We want to be better"

It's an easy thing to type, but much harder to do -

So that's why we're here.


Working with positive reinforcement training, we bring animals and their owners closer. Starting a conversation which will change everything you know about your animal.

About Jive Pony

Jive Pony was formed by Rebecca Musselwhite in 2005 when she left the highly acclaimed British based Giffords Circus. Combining her equestrian skills built up over an award winning vaulting career, her qualifications in drama and love of performance - plus her beloved horses. She hit the road for national game fairs, exhibitions, film sets and many more...

Delivering a thrilling, interactive show to tens of thousands of viewers for well over a decade. Rebecca continued to hone her training skills, seeking out like minded individuals and teachers, enabling her to create a way of training that naturally elevates the handler/animal relationship to new heights.

Rebecca has prepared horses for television studios, nightclubs and even the London Paladium stage. She has been watched by tens of millions of people on the internet and now has a purpose designed home for her training.

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